Simple, Secure Login without Passwords

We have built a replacement for usernames and passwords that uses the next generation of two-factor authentication, mobile cryptography, to make it easier for everyone to have best-in-class security for all their online accounts. That's right, no passwords.

Clef provides solutions for many communities

Clef is a simple solution to a whole slew of complex interrelated problems we've all experienced with internet security. The different communities we serve view these problems from different angles and have different needs. See how Clef meets the needs of our communities.


Clef solves user account security and reduces fraud. Clef has a range of business products to suit every organization from start-ups to high-security enterprise deployments at volume.

Clef for business


We’ve built a replacement for usernames and passwords and the most secure two-factor authentication available. Download our app and start elminating passwords from your life now.

Clef for everyone


Solve customer account security and reduce fraud in an afternoon. If you're a developer integrating Clef into a web application, we'll walk you through the Clef integration step-by-step.

Clef for developers

How to log in with Clef

1. Download the Clef app from the iOS or Android app store and install it on your phone.

2. Open the app and navigate to a site that uses Clef for login. This is the Clef wave. Sync it to log in.

3. Match the wave on your mobile screen to the one on the computer screen.

4. When the wave slides off the screen, you're logged in securely with Clef. That's it!

Clef provides a simple solution to a complex problem.

Learn more about how Clef mobile cryptography works.

Clef makes best in class user account security products for business.

Clef makes the next generation of two-factor authentication using mobile cryptography available now for every size enterprise. Offer your customers truly secure user accounts and vastly reduce fraud incidents with either the Clef app or all of Clef's functionality embedded directly into your business app.

Clef Basic

We've built a replacement for usernames and passwords and the most secure two-factor authentication available. Clef basic is free and delivered via Clef's mobile app.

Clef replaces the traditional two-factor authentication model with RSA public-key cryptography. Our standard cryptographic login protects user accounts from a wide array of malicious attack vectors and a simple UI makes onboarding a breeze for almost everyone. Clef Basic is optimized for ease of integration and relies on Clef as a central auditor of identity.

Mobile cryptography

Clef uses mobile RSA cryptography to authenticate identity and eliminate the need for usernames and passwords while boosting account security.

Simple set up

Clef basic can be added to your site in an afternoon. We've created step-by-step guides and have engineers that can assist with every integration.


We've built a number of plugins for popular platforms including Wordpress, Joomla, and Magento. In just a few short steps you can get going with Clef today.

Clef Business

Companies that integrate Clef can get an extra layer of security to protect their customer accounts with integration of Clef Business.

Clef Business comes with Distributed Authentication. Clef authenticates identity, then your company sends your own challenge to the user’s phone. Distributed Authentication allows your site to verify the login independently, so that even in extreme cases of compromise, customer accounts are still protected. Clef Business is optimized for high-security deployments and minimizes Clef's role as auditor of trust.

Distributed authentication

Both Clef and your site verify each login independently, so user accounts are doubly protected from even the most sophisticated account attacks.

Control and customization

Clef Business allows our integration partners to have more control over user account management details and customize the Clef experience for their customers.

Action authorization

Allows our Business customers to trigger an authentication challenge for an action besides login that might be of particular high-security value to your business.

Clef Native

Clef Native is the true professional solution to eliminate user account fraud. Get all the benefits of Clef's mobile cryptography with Distributed Authentication and full customization to suit your business.

With Clef Native a fully branded solution is professionally integrated into your business application. Your customers experience your brand and benefit from increased network account security and a simple UI that improves customer delight and engagement. Clef Native is optimized for high-security high-volume enterprise deployments and white labels Clef's mobile cryptography for seamless integration into your company's app.

Seamless security

Customers engage with your brand experience backed by Clef's hefty security architecture and Clef gives you tools to customize user account security to suit your business.

Unlimited auth actions

With Clef Native, your price is locked in. So as your company grows, you never have to worry about variable future costs or additional fees. Clef scales with you.

Rules-based configuration

Clef Native can be added to existing authentication protocols. Custom rules-based configuration allows you control over how Clef interacts with those systems.

Start logging in securely, without passwords, in a couple quick steps.

The Clef app is available to download for free in the iOS and Android app stores.

Some of our customers favorite features

Clef introduces a completely new paradigm to access and manage online accounts. When you log in with Clef, you experience web security in a way that is different than what we've seen in the past. Some features of Clef have quickly become favorites with our community of users.

Clef uses a bar code like wave similar to the one seen below instead of asking for a username or password. Authentication occurs by matching the wave on your phone with the one on your laptop screen.
No more passwords and best-in-class security for all online accounts, in one app. A solution so simple it seems magical.
Clef customers manage access to all of their accounts directly from their phone. If you forget to log out, and remember later, you can simply open the Clef app and log out from your phone instantly.
Our UI is simple making the learning curve for Clef manageable for almost everyone. People adopt Clef for login at rates 5X those of traditional two-factor authentication.
Mobile cryptography is becoming the new standard for authentication. Clef can be integrated by applications across the web and the login experience remains exactly the same for everyone.
Higher engagement with the Clef app increases customer delight and the security of the whole network.
"With Clef, the often painful process of logging into a site feels, admittedly, a little bit magical." Nicole Perlroth, Cybersecurity & Privacy, NYTimes
"Clef isn’t just another nice feature, it is a critical part of our security." Ray Youseff, CEO, Paxful
"Clef provides a method of authentication that far surpasses passwords and traditional two factor authentication. After speaking with the team and seeing the product, the decision was an easy one to make." Zane Tackett, Bitfinex
"Clef's security to effort ratio is the best I've ever come across for logging in." Joey Krug, Lead Developer, Augur
"Our integration with Clef allows us to provide best in class security without compromising ease of use." Arthur Hayes, CEO, Bitmex

We have a five star rating in the app store!

People love Clef because it removes a point of frustration that many experience on a daily basis by eliminating passwords. Businesses that integrate Clef get a boost in customer satisfaction and much better security for their customer accounts. It's a win-win for all the players in this game.

I love Clef!

Clef is so convenient! I hope more companies start partnering with Clef, it's so useful!


I love this app! It also works to for websites on your mobile phone! Great easy secure login!!

Great way to handle security

I wish Clef worked on every online app. It's a great way to handle security. Passwords just aren't as secure as Clef.

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