Hi! We're Clef.

We work in Oakland, CA to build a beautiful experience and inclusive culture.

Our mission is to empower everyone to own their identity online. We build a secure standard of identity for businesses to replace passwords, allowing users to have an authentic and personal relationship with the technology they use. Our core values guide our strategies and individual actions so that we create a company whose character is as radical as our product.

Our values

Fight the default of exclusion.

Inequality and exclusion are the defaults of our industry. Without intentional effort, we will inherit those failings and worsen the problem. Building a diverse team is a moral imperative and we build a better business and product by bringing different perspectives to the table. We look for voices unlike our own because they are the only ones that help us grow.

Be better today than yesterday.

Being better is more important than being the "best", because "best" means complacency and better means progress. We are always improving. Improvement requires reflection, so we take ownership of our mistakes and question our habits.

We succeed together when we trust each other.

Trust is the currency that powers every interaction on teams. Only when we trust each other can we share the candid feedback and opinions that let us be creative and successful. We give our coworkers deep visibility into how our decisions are made and easy outlets to help them give input and guide our course. When we build trust through good communication, we create an environment for better communication in the future.

Treat others the way they'd like to be treated.

Our customers and teammates have different needs from our own, so we must consider their perspectives to communicate effectively. We work best together when we empathize with one another, and we create the best product when we understand the people we are building for.

Our team

We want to work with more wonderful people. Don't you?

Clef Team
B Byrne


Darrell Jones III


Grace Wong


Jesse Pollak


Jacky Alciné


Ikka Riley


Mark Hudnall



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Clef is an Oakland based company building a better way to log in online. We've raised $1.8m from some of the best investors in the world and power logins on more than 100,000 websites. If you're interested, come join us.