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Free tool for Bitfinex customers that makes logging in safer and easier than ever before.

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Clef provides a method of authentication that far surpasses passwords and traditional two-factor auth in terms of security.Zane Tackett, Bitfinex
Best in Class Security

Clef protects against more attacks than any other login system. See more. –

No More Passwords

Clef completely replaces passwords. You don’t need to remember or type anything to log in. Watch a demo video.

Accepted on Over 100,000 Sites

Clef is the new standard for logging in. You can use it across the web to make your accounts safer.

Forever Free

Sites adopt Clef for heightened customer account security and pay for it, so you never have to.

How to Protect Your Bitfinex Account with Clef

1.Start by logging into your Bitfinex account. –

2.Once you’re logged in, find your settings dropdown in the top right corner and navigate to the integrations tab.

3.Open the integrations tab and click the “Connect Clef Account” button.

4.Log in with Clef. Your account is now activated and protected with Clef.

Praise from the Clef Community

“With Clef, the often painful process of logging into a site feels, admittedly, a little bit magical.” The New York Times