Clef is two-factor from the future.

As we move more of our personal information into the cloud, we need security we can actually use.

Clef uses the mass adoption of smartphones to make an identity platform for the modern web, creating a totally new approach to logging in online. We've built two-factor authentication that lets sites recognize their users with a wave of their phones. Clef puts secure cryptography in the hands of every user — no weak passwords, frustrating tokens, or clunky dongles.

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Brennen Byrne

Brennen Byrne CEO

Brennen Byrne previously worked at Adobe and H. Bloom, where he focused on mobile development and platform consistency. He holds a BA in Computer Science and English from Pomona College.

Mark Hudnall

Mark Hudnall CTO

Mark Hudnall previously worked at Ning and Minted, where he focused on mobile development. He holds a BA in Computer Science from Pomona College.

Jesse Pollak

Jesse Pollak CPO

Jesse Pollak previously worked at BuzzFeed and was a hackNY fellow. He attended Pomona College where he studied Computer Science and Linguistics.


Michelle Dennedy

Michelle Dennedy Chief Privacy Officer at McAfee Security

Michelle Finneran Dennedy is the VP and Chief Privacy Officer at McAfee. Michelle is also a founder and editor in chief of a new media site——that was started as an advocacy and education site, currently focused on the growing crime of Child ID theft. Previously, Michelle was the Vice President for Security & Privacy Solutions for the Oracle Corporation.

Karen Crow

Karen Crow Former Director of Sales and Operations at Google

Karen Crow spent seven years at Google where she was responsible for West Coast Sales and Operations. She is a recipient of the Google Founders' Award. Prior to Google, she was a partner at Mercer Management Consulting, an international strategy consulting firm. Right now, she is focusing on building WiserGiving, a site who's mission is to make philanthropy simple.

Michelle Dennedy

Sonu Panda Chief Operating Officer at H. Bloom

Sonu Panda is founder and Chief Operating Officer at H.Bloom. Prior to founding H.Bloom, he served as Vice President of On-Demand Sales for Callidus Software, a leading global cloud provider of hiring, learning, marketing, and selling solutions.

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