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The New York Times called Clef "magical," but the best way to understand is to try it yourself. Give it a go and see what a world without passwords feels like.

Try the demo on your computer!

To try the Clef demo, visit getclef.com/demo in your computer browser.

How to log in with Clef

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1. Download the Clef app from the iOS or Android app store and install it on your phone.

How  step  2

2. Open the app and navigate to a site that uses Clef for login. This is the Clef wave. Sync it to log in.

How  step  3

3. Match the wave on your mobile screen to the one on the computer screen.

How  step  4

4. When the wave slides off the screen, you're logged in securely with Clef. That's it!

Connect with Clef

Now that you know how to log in with Clef, let us help you identify where you can use Clef to log in.

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We built an easy to use directory so you can find out which web services that you use, that have integrated Clef for login.

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Already know your favorite web service that you wish would get Clef? You can tell them directly using our simple and fun spread the word tool.

Schedule a conversation to see if Clef is a fit for your business.

We follow strict guidelines that allow us to assess whether Clef is the right solution to fit your needs.
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