Now, let us show you how to use Clef.

Clef is all about letting you log in to websites on your computer with your mobile phone, so you'll need to complete this tutorial on a non-mobile browser at

Welcome to the future of logging in

iphone camera

Open the app and you're on the sync screen.

You'll use it to log in to your favorite sites. We'll show you how right now.


logged in iphone

manage your session

once you've logged in, you can log into every other Clef-enabled site with one click.

PRO TIP: Touch the infinity sign to keep yourself logged in forever.

logged in to clef iphone

clef logs you out.

Clef will automatically log you out when the countdown reaches zero.

check out settings.

click the gear icon.

use wordpress?

Installing Clef on WordPress is 100% free and takes less than 60 seconds.

Clef not only had every piece of functionality that I was looking for. They did it with an installation process that took no more than 60 seconds.Marcus Couch,

use clef right now.



Protect your WordPress sites with 2-factor authentication (and single-sign-on).



Log in to Facebook, Gmail, and all of your favorite sites with Clef.