Forget your WordPress passwords.

Clef is a free replacement for usernames and passwords that makes logging into your WordPress site easier and more secure.

Clef not only had every piece of functionality that I was looking for. They did it with an installation process that took no more than 60 seconds.Marcus Couch,

Without Clef

You have different passwords for every WordPress site.
You depend on your users to pick safe passwords.
WordPress stores passwords in an attackable database.
Hackers can crack 90% of WordPress passwords in 24 hours.

With Clef

You get one click sign on across all of your sites.
Clef ensures secure, 2-factor authentication for every user.
Clef doesn't use passwords.
Clef's 2048-bit RSA keys take billions of years to crack.

Ready to get started?

Setting up Clef on your WordPress site takes 5 minutes.